How does the store look?

A. Your store will be equipped with similar features to Volusion.com and Shopify.com. See Features tab above to see all the great features.

Do I need to do or know any programming to set up a store?

A. No programming required. We believe you shouldn’t have to know to code or pay a lot for a website to get your online business started.

Is there any payment gateways integrated?

A. Yes, there are multiple payment gateways integrated like authorize, stripe etc. Supports offline credit card payments so that you can process payments using your existing POS

 How store owners can reach us for support?

A. There is an integrated help desk system for supporting store owners

Is the store is SEO Friendly?

A. Yes, the stores are SEO friendly shopping cart. It gives users an easy-to-remember URL and rank above your competition in search engines.

Does the store support digital products?

A. No. It does support physical products.

What about shipping options?

A. The store is integrated with UPS, USPS, FEDEX, Canada Post and Australia Post Shipping Methods for real-time shipping calculations. For simple shipping, it supports multiple flat rate shipping.

How do the store owners change look and feel of the stores?

A. The administrator can change the home page layout by drag and drop in a browser. You can configure the site without any HTML or FTP.

How can I add my own contents to the store?

A. The built-in content management system is provided for static pages like Terms, About Us, and Refund Policy. Edit the website without knowing HTML.

Are there any marketing modules added to the store?

A. Yes, Optional affiliate programs to increase your new customers without breaking the bank. Supports promo codes for tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Am I granted cPanel or FTP Access?

A. No. Due to the licensing agreement we have we are unable to provide access to the web script. cPanel & FTP would give access to the files and ability to create copies of licenced files.

I already have a domain name. What is the Name Server to direct it to?

A. The name server for your new MouseCart Ecommerce Web Store is: